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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: What, How, Why Interview Series

At, we work with artists and photographers from across the United States and Canada. We're inspired everyday by the images that they send to us and by the stories they share.

A few years ago, we started our "What, How, Why" interview series so that we could take a closer look at some of these fascinating people and share their stories with you.

We ask each participating artist or photographer three simple questions:
1. What do you do?
2. How do you do it?
3. Why do you use

Click here to read previously published interviews.

We're writing to you today to invite you to submit. If you would like to be considered for this feature, please e-mail us with answers to the above quoted questions. Please also be sure to give us permission to review the images in your account. If we're interested in featuring your story, we'll contact you to let you know. Looking forward to reviewing your submissions!

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VIDEO: Plak Mounting Options is pleased to offer ready-to-hang plak mounted prints.

Plak mounted prints are mounted to premium hardboard or fiberboard and then sealed and protected by tough, durable and washable laminate. We use ph balanced laminates and acid free adhesives, providing years of protection and a lifetime of enjoyment. Images are protected from UV light, moisture, dust and fingerprints.

Classic Plak Mount - Your images are mounted to a 3/8" MDF and protected with our premium UV laminates. The edges are shaped and colored black. A keyhole on the back allows for easy hanging.

Block Plak Mount - Your images are mounted to a 1/8" tempered hardboard and protected with our premium UV laminates. A 3/4" mdf frame is applied to the back of the assembly flush with the edges of your images. The side profile is approx. 1" thick and offers a more substantial feel to your image. Available for prints sized 8x10 and up.

Float Plak Mount - Your images are mounted to a 1/8" tempered hardboard and protected with our premium UV laminates. A 3/4" frame is applied to the back of your image. The frame is recessed from the edges by approx. 2" on all sides and is hidden from view giving your image the appearance of floating off the wall. Available for prints sized 8x10 and up.

Please click here for pricing information.

Now Offering Custom Back Printing
Thank you for trusting us to help you make the prints that you sell in your Etsy Shops, on Amazon, at art shows and to your portrait and wedding photography clients.  We're writing to you today to introduce our new custom back printing option to help promote your business and give your prints a more professional look.

All of our photographic prints include back printing, which is text on the back of the print that lists your order number and the file name.  If you would like, we can create a custom back print for any prints ordered through your account. The first line can be customized. The second line would contain your order number. So, it could look something like this:

First line: Your Business Name
Second line: order number

If you'd like to set up your account with custom back printing, please send us an e-mail letting us know.  All we need to know is what text you would like included on the first line.  We'll create the custom setting and then write back to confirm that all photographic prints ordered moving forward will include your custom back printing.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.

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Drop Shipping Services
dropShip is pleased to offer drop shipping services so that you can send your orders directly to your clients. All you need to do is select "Drop ship to my client/friend" when you select your shipping address during the order placement process.

checkout4dropship If you select to have your order drop shipped, your order will be shipped without an invoice or any promotional materials. We will also remove our company name from the return address and send your package in a plain mailer or box without any identifying markings.

PromoPrint_Reviews Some customers who want to brand their drop shipments have started creating a digital file combining an image of their work and some text (a note, or a thank you message) and then ordering a 4x6 print of that file with their orders. It's a nice way to personalize drop shipments and maintain control over the design and appearance of your brand. Also, because you can change the design at any moment (you're only ordering one at a time), you'll have the freedom to make customer specific offers. For instance, you could give a first time customer a discount on a future order or invite someone to follow you on Facebook. We make them all the time for orders that we send to you. Here's an example of one the we use to encourage people to leave us reviews on Facebook and Yelp. We'd be happy to bounce ideas around with you. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We're always looking to improve our services and many of our improvements come as a direct result of customer requests. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

As always, thank you for your continued support of

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