Happy Artists

Janet Zeh

I've just received about the billionth 5 star review from a customer about one of my Somerset Velvet prints. All of my print reviews have been 5 stars. In thinking about how grateful I am for the quality of your print service, I thought you might like to know. After all, my art is only part of it.

Here are some of the things customers rave about:
Quality is above and beyond what they expected to get, more beautiful in person than they imagined. Thick, high quality paper with a beautiful texture and vibrant colors.
Shipping is very fast and the packaging is secure. Prints arrive in great condition.
Customer service is excellent. Any prints damaged in shipping (a rare event) are quickly replaced.
Types of things they say again and again: "Love, love, love it!" "Masterpiece" "Exceptionally beautiful" "Beautiful quality" "looks great and came in great condition" "absolutely beautiful, excellent quality, timely delivery" "Great service and great product"

I could go on and on. Thank you so much for all you do for artists!

Janet Zeh
Willington, CT

AK Westerman

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quality of these prints. I was extremely nervous about using a Print on Demand service in my shop. However I receive rave review after rave review- and repeat buyers- who are so thrilled with the quality of their print, and many have noted the fast turnaround time and great packaging that ensure their prints arrive in good condition. As a new business owner, your company has been crucial in helping me build a good, strong foundation and reputation that keep customers coming back, and I know when I place an order, my customer will receive a quality product they love. Thank you.

AK Westerman
Erie, CO

Dawn Jackson

I just wanted to thank you again for your most excellent work! When I place an order on a Saturday morning and you have it shipped out in less than 2 hours, I am thrilled! And it's happened several times - you absolutely cannot ask for more than that!

I wanted you to know that so many of my customers are loving the quality, packaging and quick deliveries - and how much I appreciate you! So, thanks again for being awesome!

Dawn Jackson
Round Lake, IL

Marijoyce Porcelli

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for the excellent job you did recently for me on my latest order. First, letting me know I had the pixel count wrong so I wouldn't be disappointed in the print quality when it was my fault for forgetting that step, telling me how to fix that, and so on. And, as usual, you did such an incredible printing job and mailed them so fast in as always great packaging.

I sooo love your company. If all companies provided the same high quality and service that you do to their customers, we would certainly have a better business world.

Thanks again. I will definitely be ordering more of this size print in the future. I have a feeling they will be a huge hit at the two out of town parties I am going to this week because I made these as gifts. I will be telling everyone who printed them for me.

MJ Porcelli
Belmont, NC

Debbra Obertanec

Just wanted to let you know my customer finally received her prints and LOVES THEM. Thank you so much for helping me with this and reprinting the order. You and your team have the absolute BEST customer service, turnaround time and such beautiful quality of prints...and you all make me look so good!!

Not sure how many artists reach out to thank you, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to work with you :) So happy I found you when I was researching so many pro labs out there.

Debbra Obertanec
Newington, NH

Connie Middleton

Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the help the past few weeks as I have placed various orders. You all have been wonderful and the prints and Plak mounting are beautiful. (packing/shipping amazing and quick) I have entered the Plak mounted photo and one of the large prints in a Juried Art Show. Fingers crossed. :-)

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it is working with you all. I learned how awesome your company is years ago when I, as a desperate Advanced Placement Art Teacher, needed to have slides for my HS students processed..with quality and a quick return. Your company did not disappoint... Now retired, I am happy that we meet again.. This time to get the chance to order for my own projects!

Again, my sincere thanks!

Connie Middleton
Lake Jackson, TX

Colleen Dean

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your amazing work! I am always so pleased with my prints! I live in Los Angeles and have tried several different printers, but none are as good as your company, thus I continue to order across the country for my prints :)

Colleen Dean
Los Angeles, CA

Melissa Erickson

Hello iPrintfromHome team!

I have no questions and don't need a response, but I just wanted to express my thanks for your consistently incredible service. I started using your printing services on the recommendation of a friend when I first started out as a freelance artist a few years ago, and I can't imagine using anyone else. Your company has had my back on numerous occasions, getting in touch with me quickly in order to sort out mistakes I've made in submitting images, and always ensuring the best quality print possible. Every single order I've placed through iPrintfromHome has turned out fantastically on the first try - your eye for quality always makes ordering new prints a stress-free experience. Your turnaround time is also incredibly efficient and reliable, and I know I can always count on it when I'm on a deadline. All of this is proof that you put a lot into what you do, so I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! I recommend your services whenever I get the chance, and I'll continue to do so in the future. Thanks again, and have a great day! :)

Melissa Erickson
Colorado Springs, CO

Tammy Longpre

Hi! I just wanted to write to let you know that I received my first order from y'all this weekend, and I am so very pleased with it! I received excellent help from Sara every step of the way, and the prints are beautiful - the somerset velvet paper is fantastic and I feel these prints take my art to the next level. Will definitely be ordering more from you in future, and have already recommended iPrintfromHome.com to a friend. Thanks again!

Tammy L. Longpre
Awen Jewelry LLC

Katie LaClair

I just wanted to write to say that today I received my order from you, the first order I've placed with you guys. And I am so happy with how they turned out! Thank you!

The paper and colors are beautiful and I just love them. And the speedy delivery was a bonus. I'm definitely going to be ordering lots more prints from you guys.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Katie LaClair
New York, NY

Megan Farley

Hey!! My name is Megan Farley. I am an artist living in Durham, NC. I recently stumbled across your website online, when trying to find a website to order prints for my upcoming art show.

I just wanted to let you know that I have been so satisfied with the results of my prints, the neatness of the packaging and above all I am so impressed with how quickly I received my prints! It has been a stress-free and satisfying experience ordering from your company and I truly appreciate having one less thing to worry about!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) Keep it up!

Megan Farley
Durham, NC

Steve Kooser

Fantastic!!! Your service is simply amazing.

I am so happy with the panoramic prints I ordered. They are so sharp and crisp. The turnaround time on your service simply can't be beat and I will be sure to spread your name far and wide on my Facebook page and tell everyone about you.

These pics from the Bahamas will be cherished by my fellow travel companions and I will be sure to let them know where they can get more. This is such a hard size to be developed, but I'm glad I found you!!

Thanks again for the memories.

Steve Kooser
Connellsville, PA

Kathy R. Jeffords

Thank you so much.

I just got the print and it is so stunningly gorgeous (and came so fast), my first thought was, "Hmmmm, perhaps I should keep this one of myself and order another one for my buyer!"

You guys give such amazing service and do such quality work, I feel guilty every time I use my thank you dollars. But please know that even after they run out, I will keep coming back. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this to you, but I am a total control freak and have printed my own prints for 6 years, but do not have the capability currently of doing anything larger than 8" x 10" nor do I have the space to keep all the supplies for offering an array of sizes. iPfH is the ONLY service I would trust with my art.

Thank you!!!!

Kathy R. Jeffords

Alexis Bonavitacola

Dear iPrintfromHome,

I have never been more satisfied with an online company. Ever. I wish there was a standard beyond very satisfied - perhaps, off-the-charts satisfied, our company is the best, you wish all online services services were as good as us (just to think of a few labels/accolades I could give iprintfromhome).

From the outset, your company service (Sara) was unbelievably attentive, warm, kind and answered all of my new-to-this-experience questions with thoughtfulness. When it was clear that I did not really know how to order :))), I also received guidance and advice on how to proceed. Everything was taken care of for me and I kept thinking to myself, "am I really working with an online company where normally the fact that I am a human being is not taken into consideration?" This was so not the case with iPrintfromHome. Those of us that appreciate ordering from our computers also take a risk that the ease of using technology removes the human element in customer service. I am happy to say that your company accomplished both: ease of ordering and terrific customer service - not after the fact, but during the entire experience.

When my prints arrived yesterday, I felt like a real artist. alcohol ink is new for me and, frankly, it is just a little hobby I picked up a few months ago. My real job is in public school administration. However, once I received the prints, I knew seeing my actual work copied so beautifully would allow me to pursue this hobby just a little further and, who knows, where I could go. Thanks again for all of your guidance. Your company is amazing!!!

Alexis Bonavitacola
Mount Laurel, NJ

Linda Buis

I had not sent in an order in several months and I just want to tell you that all the improvements and updating of your systems made my order today more efficient and slicker than ever. The improvements are very user friendly. Thanks again for all you do to make this the 5 star company that it is.

Linda Buis
Cape Girardeau, MO

Lauren Lowe

Thank you for great service, iPrintfromHome! I'm just a college student trying to make a bit of extra money on the side by selling my photo prints and your site helps me so much :). I love the different options of sizes and the prices are so ridiculously awesome for the quality of prints. Just wanted to say thanks!

Lauren Lowe
Nacogdoches, TX

Kesler Woodward

I just clicked "very satisfied" in the customer satisfaction survey, but wanted to say more personally how much I appreciate everything about your quality of work and service. The upload interface is so easy to use and responsive, the turnaround time on my orders is unbelievable, and everything I've received from you has been of the most outstanding quality. It's services like yours that make doing my work as an artist while living in Alaska not only possible, but as easy as anywhere else. Thank you!

Kesler Woodward
Fairbanks, AK

Alice Wingerden

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the very speedy delivery of my prints. I am thrilled with how they came out - your company does an amazing job, and I am so glad to have found a reliable printer with excellent prices finally. I will definitely be purchasing all of my future printing needs form you. Thank you again!

Alice M. Wingerden
Livonia, NY